West 7th Library closed and no Bookmobile service November 26 - 27.
Dayton's Bluff Library closed November 26 - 29.
The George Latimer Central Library is closed for renovations.

Bookmobile History

The first Saint Paul Public Library Bookmobile dates back to 1917. Since that time, the Library has owned six Bookmobiles. The current Bookmobile was purchased in 2005. The colorful artwork that adorns the outside of the Bookmobile was generously provided by the Saint Paul Pioneer Press.

Photo Album

Bookmobile - 1917

The Saint Paul Public Library's first bookmobile dates back to 1917, the same year Central Library, Arlington Hills, Saint Anthony Park, and Riverview opened!

Bookmobile - 1917 SPPL's 1917 Bookmobile.
Checking out on the bookmobile.

Checking out books on the Bookmobile in October, 1954.

John Amon, driver.

Barbara Brown, librarian.


 Bookmobile - 1959
The 1959 Bookmobile with driver John Amon and librarian Betty Baugh.
 Girls on the bookmobile
Girls on the Bookmobile, 1950s.
 Bookmobile interior.
Inside the Bookmobile in the 1950s.
kids and the bookmobile Kids sitting in front of the Bookmobile, 1950s.
women on the bookmobile, 1950s Women on the Bookmobile, 1950s.
Recordak machine The "Recordak Junior" -- how books were checked out from the Bookmobile in the 1950s.
Mobile Branch #2 Mobile Branch #2, February 1960.
waiting for the bookmobile Waiting for the Bookmobile.
Mobile branches "Mobile branches" in color!. Circa 1960.
Mobile Branch #3 Mobile Branch #3, outside Central Library.
Bookmobile - 1980 The Bookmobile in 1980.
Bookmobile - 1990s The 1990s vintage Bookmobile. In 2005, this vehicle was retired by SPPL and donated to Saint Paul's sister city - Manzanillo, Mexico.
Current bookmobile SPPL's current, colorful Bookmobile.