Tell your story at Saint Paul Public Library's Story Fair

Date: Apr 12th, 2017

SAINT PAUL, MN – In honor of several branches celebrating 100-year anniversaries this year, Saint Paul Public Library (SPPL) will host a Story Fair at Arlington Hills Community Center, May 21 from 12 to 3 p.m. The event will launch a series of celebrations that will run through the fall at the four centennial branches: Arlington Hills (originally housed in what is now East Side Freedom Library), George Latimer Central, Riverview, and Saint Anthony.

The aim of the Story Fair is to showcase and collect stories from community members about living and learning in Saint Paul. Guests will include: Mark Moran from “Antiques Roadshow” who will assess antiques (call 651-632-3870 to register); Saymoukda Vongsay, the “Poet of Payne Avenue,” who will conduct a teen writing workshop and performance; Saint Paul Almanac’s Storymobile team, which will record stories on site; and DJ Kool Akiem of Rhymesayers Entertainment, who will deejay the event.

Interested parties can start the day earlier, with a 10:30 a.m. historical walking tour of Payne Avenue, led by Macalester history professor Peter Rachleff. (To register for the tour visit

Additionally, community members are invited to display objects that represent their personal libraries -- be they books, artifacts, artwork, or collectibles -- at an on-site “pop-up museum.” SPPL will also unveil several new storytelling platforms, including a digital scrapbook; StoryKits that contain recorders, cameras, scanners, and other tools to collect stories; and a StoryPhone, which people can call at 612-314-9662 and “leave a story after the tone.”

SPPL’s Bookmobile, which is also celebrating 100 years of serving Saint Paul, will be on site and open for business, sharing the parking lot with two food trucks: The Cave Café, which serves Afro-Italian fare, and Sumo Eggrolls.

For more information on the Story Fair and other SPPL centennial events, visit and follow SPPL on Facebook and Twitter.

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