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    Manga Reading Lounge at Anime Detour

    Every year, we join our friends at metro-area libraries to set up a manga reading lounge at Anime Detour. We have a great time showing off our manga-and-anime related books, drawing, making buttons, and sharing what the library has to offer. Plus, we get to see all the wild costumes! If you like anime and manga, consider joining Anime Club. Or, if you like drawing, check out ... Read More »

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    Teens Know Best

    Teens Know Best Blog
    You may have seen the library advertise the Teens Know Best bookgroup.  But I'm not writing about how you should join the group (though you should, if you're interested and available.) I want to make sure you know about their blog. It's a great way to hear from teens what new books are worth reading. I've been following the reviews for awhile, so I know my interests align with certain reviewers (I love reading Elise's reviews.)  Since Teens Know Best gets to read books before they're published, the... Read More »

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    Seen Our Ads?

    SPPL ad
    Have you seen our ads around town? We're trying to get the word out about all the great things happening at the library. On social media, let us know how the library has helped you using the hashtag #BecauseOfTheLibrary Read More »

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    Awesome Boxes

    Have you all heard about the SPPL's new collaboration with the Harvard Library Innovation Lab? They're called Awesome Boxes. They are decorated boxes located at multiple branches where you can return recently loved library materials. The items then show up on the awesome box webpage. It's a cool way to see what other library users have been enjoying lately. We'd love to see it flooded with teen suggestions! -Joey   Read More »

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    The Wonderful World of Book Dominoes!

        On March 17th, 2014, a Guinness World Record for the largest book domino chain was set by a group of students and staff at the Czestochowa School of Economics in Poland. Together, they built a domino chain made of 4,998 books. They were able to break the previous record owner's domino chain of 4,845 books, which took place in Antwerp, Belgium in November 2013. Although we don't know how much effort it took for the Czestochowa students to set up their book dominoes, we do know that it took 40 volunteers and two hours to set up the Antwerp book domino chain.  What do you think? Should the St. Paul Public Library be next to break the world record for the longest book domino chain? If you're interested, let your librarians know and maybe we can make it happen! Check out... Read More »

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