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    Grasshopper Jungle

    Grasshopper Jungle
    Admittedly, this is not the best place for a book review.  But selfishly, I want more people to read this book so I can talk about it.  I'm a grown-up.  When I read YA fiction (which is almost exclusively what I read), I often try to think if teens I know would like it.  With this book, I knew most teens would enjoy it, and, as much I hate to say it, especially boys.  Not because books are "guy picks" or "chick flicks" but because boys are so often misrepresented in books.  I've never felt so much like I crawled into the skin of a 17-year-old boy as... Read More »

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    Maker Fest on June 28

    Maker Fest
    Come join us on Saturday, June 28 from 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. at Arlington Hills Community Center! The Maker Fest is a gathering of artists, crafters, technologists, and tinkerers who will be sharing their creations and explaining how they were made. Expect hands-on activities, exciting demonstrations, and fun -- and no charge for admission. Here's a preview of some of the activities: Learn some basic drawing techniques and create your own anime and manga artwork Create your own mini sketchbook to take home Design and print custom-made vinyl stickers Create a light-up sculpture using LEDs A climbing wall will be onsite along with food trucks and live music.   Read More »

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    Letters at the Library - Design Workshops for Teens

    Letters at the Library
    We're teaming up with some great designers to offer teen only design workshops here at the library. Ever wonder how fonts are made? Next week, work with local font maker Chank Diesel to help make a font that you can actually install on a computer and use! Here's the class description: Let's make a font! Using your hands and brain, you'll work with a mystery medium to create a letter of the alphabet. Then you'll get to see your letter combined with the letters made by other participants to make a real, typable font. After the workshop, you can get the font file to keep and install on a computer. The following week, designer Zach Keenan will help make your own emblem/logo stamp. Here's some of that class description: Letters can be a lot like people—cool characters, funny... Read More »

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    Literacy Portraits

    Agape photo shoot
    In order to promote literacy and promote families, the Saint Paul Public Library is hosting Family Literacy Portrait Sessions.  Each family will have their portrait taken while reading, a 5x7 print of their family, and a frame to decorate.   The portrait sessions started today at Agape High School, a Saint Paul Public School for teens who are pregnant and/or parenting. (The photographer is the amazing Amy Wurdock.) It was a wonderful morning filled with beautiful smiles, babies, and books.   Read More »

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    Movement Programs in May and June!

    Join us for these movement themed events at Rice Street, Rondo, Merriam Park, Saint Anthony, and Hamline libraries in May and June. We'll have Zumba, yoga, and Irish Dance classes for ages 13 and up. More info here. Come and try it out! Read More »

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