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    Beatrix*JAR animal
    They're coming! Sound art duo Beatrix*JAR is offering experimental music workshops at Rondo and the North End Teen Zone (near Rice Street Library) next month. You can learn more about the workshops and see their schedule here. I just want to take this moment to say how cool and hip and funny Bianca and Jacob are. (Bianca + Jacob = Beatrix*JAR.) Not only are they award-winning musicians, but they also make crazy little creatures like the one pictured here. You don't want to miss the chance to hang out with these two. Read More »

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    Learning Labs: enthusiasm is building

    The excitement around new projects, epecially the teen learning lab opening soon at the new Arlington Hills Community Center, is growing within the library staff.  I've watched as library staff talk to Parks & Recreation staff, and the energy catches.  It's contagious: SPNN, the Science Museum of Minnesota, the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Historial Society, Metropolitan State University - people who work for and care for teens are excited about what is about to become a reality in Saint Paul: we are about to have our first teen learning lab.  And it's going to be awesome. In many ways, it already is awesome - it's brought together staff from all over Saint Paul to talk about how we could be serving teens better.  Words like "interest-based" and... Read More »

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    Share Your Special Mix!

    cassette tape
    Valentine’s Day always reminds us of that old(-ish) tradition, the exchange of mix tapes. In Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park, two 80s teens fall in love over shared music. Nowadays, of course, we have more modern options to unleash the DJ within, such as Spotify. Inspired by Rowell’s visit to the library this February, we’d like you to share the mix you’d make for someone special. Reply on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr. We’ll share them on our website and social media. We can’t wait to see what you guys come... Read More »

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    Have you read Eleanor & Park yet?

    Eleanor & Park
    Rainbow Rowell will be back in town in less than a month! I'm excited. (There's still time to read her book - pick it up at your nearest library.) You can see her schedule of events here. I'm most excited for the Como Conservatory event on the night of Thursday, February 27. I love going to the Conservatory during the winter, and I think it will be a neat place to see an author talk. Hope to see you there! Read More »

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