November 27: All locations closed; no Bookmobile service.
November 28: Dayton's Bluff and West 7th libraries closed; no Bookmobile service.

Letters at the Library - Design Workshops for Teens

Letters at the LibraryWe're teaming up with some great designers to offer teen only design workshops here at the library.

Ever wonder how fonts are made? Next week, work with local font maker Chank Diesel to help make a font that you can actually install on a computer and use! Here's the class description:

Let's make a font! Using your hands and brain, you'll work with a mystery medium to create a letter of the alphabet. Then you'll get to see your letter combined with the letters made by other participants to make a real, typable font. After the workshop, you can get the font file to keep and install on a computer.

The following week, designer Zach Keenan will help make your own emblem/logo stamp. Here's some of that class description:

Letters can be a lot like people—cool characters, funny forms and awesome attitudes. Create your own letters that represent your individual greatness. Then turn it into a stamp that you can take with you and use it to say “I was here!”

These should be awesome! Click here for info on locations and times.

- Andrea M


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