November 27: All locations closed; no Bookmobile service.
November 28: Dayton's Bluff and West 7th libraries closed; no Bookmobile service.

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    Let's Make Some Sounds

    Check out the wild sounds that the band Beatrix*Jar made with teens at Rondo and Rice Street libraries!

    If you are a teen who likes music and/or making stuff, come hang out at Createch at Rondo, Rice Street, Hayden Heights or (after 5/22) at Arlington Library.



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    Manga Reading Lounge at Anime Detour

    Every year, we join our friends at metro-area libraries to set up a manga reading lounge at Anime Detour. We have a great time showing off our manga-and-anime related books, drawing, making buttons, and sharing what the library has to offer. Plus, we get to see all the wild costumes!

    If you like anime and manga, consider joining Anime Club. Or, if you like drawing, check out ...

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    Teens Know Best

    Teens Know Best Blog

    You may have seen the library advertise the Teens Know Best bookgroup.  But I'm not writing about how you should join the group (though you should, if you're interested and available.)

    I want to make sure you know about their blog.

    It's a great way to hear from teens what new books are worth reading. I've been following the reviews for awhile, so I know my interests align with certain reviewers (I love reading Elise's reviews.)  Since Teens Know Best gets to read books before...

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    Seen Our Ads?

    SPPL ad

    Have you seen our ads around town? We're trying to get the word out about all the great things happening at the library. On social media, let us know how the library has helped you using the hashtag #BecauseOfTheLibrary

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