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Babies and toddlers learn language by listening to their parents and others talk.  They love to hear the sound of your voice and watch your face as you talk.

  • Playfully repeat your baby's babbling sounds or make new sounds while smiling at her. 
  • Wait and see what sounds she makes next and respond to her. Seeing your pleasure makes her excited to babble more.
  • Take your toddler's hand and place it on an object while saying its name.
  • Point out pictures in board books and name what you see.
  • Talk to your child about what you are doing throughout your day.
  • Talk about things your toddler can help with, such as putting away toys or wiping the kitchen table.
  • Read to your baby or toddler often for short periods of time. It's okay if she is moving around while you read.

Stretching Language

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