The Bookmobile is not in service as of April 24. Check back for updates.


Rate books and get recommendations!

The Saint Paul Public Library is beta-testing BookLens, a book recommendation service that is under development at the University of Minnesota.

BookLens is a recommender systems, similar to ones you may have seen on Amazon, Netflix, and other library catalogs.

With BookLens, you can rate books and get personalized recommendations as you browse the library catalog.

Get Started

Create a BookLens account.

  • You can create an account to rate books and to get predictions for other books, based on your ratings.
  • This account is not tied to your library card or any other library accounts you may have established (OverDrive, etc.).

Search the library catalog.

How it Works

The BookLens "widget" will show up in an item's full record.

If you are not logged in to BookLens, you will see an average rating for the book.

average rating

If you are logged in, you will see the rating you have already assigned to the book ...

 ... or a prediction of how much you will like the book.

BookLens works with records for books only, not movies, music, or other non-book items in the catalog.

About BookLens

BookLens was created by GroupLens Research at the University of Minnesota.

Find out more about the BookLens project.