The George Latimer Central Library is closed for renovations.

All library locations will be closed on Monday, October 12.

Cloud Library Mobile Apps

Cloud Library logoAndroid and iOS (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) devices

NOOK Tablets (NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, NOOK HD, NOOK HD+)

The first time you launch the app, you will need to select your library and sign in.

  • Select Country: United States
  • Select State: Minnesota
  • Select Library: St. Paul - (any location)
  • Enter Your Library-ID: use your library card barcode

Mobile App Features

Shelves - Browse the most popular Cloud Library books and titles chosen by library staff.

Categories - Browse all Cloud Library books by subject.

Search - Search for books by words that appear in the title, author, or book details.

My Books - Account information as well as your current books, holds, messages, and more:

  • Currently Reading - shows books you currently have checked out. Click "List View" to see more options, including "Check In" to return a book early.
  • Hold List - shows books you have on hold, as well as an estimate of how soon the book will be available.
  • Wish List - shows books that you have suggested to the library for purchase.
  • Reading History -  a list of all Cloud Library books you have read. You can  delete your reading history at any time by scrolling to the bottom of the page and tapping "Delete Reading History".
  • Message Center - messages from the Library, including notices that your held items are ready for checkout.
  • Account Profile - Set email notrification or log out.

Checking Out and Reading

Check Out and Holds

Tap the green "Check Out" button to check out the book. If the book is currently checked out, tap the gray "Add to Hold List" button to place the book on your Hold List.

The book will appear on your Currently Reading list under "My Books" and will download to your device.


Tap on the right edge of the screen or swipe to the left to turn pages forward.  To go back, tap on the left edge of the screen or swipe right.

Access book options by tapping in the center of the page.


You can hold up to 10 books at a time. Books are held for 72 hours (3 days) from the time they become available to you.

Add to Wish List

As you browse the catalog, you may see some books listed under "Similar Books" that are not in the Saint Paul Public Library collection. Tap "Add to Wish List" to add the item to your wish list and send a message to the library's selectors asking them to purchase the title.


Books will automatically be returned to the collection after 21 days. To return a book early, go to "My Books" and tap "List View". Tap the "Check In" button in the row for the book you would like to return. (In some versions of the app, tap the book cover to bring up the book details and then tap the "Check In" button.)