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Legacy Amendment Programs 2010-11

The Saint Paul Public Library presents an array of arts, cultural, literary, and Minnesota history programs in collaboration with arts and cultural organizations, independent artists, historical societies, and community organizations. Programs are funded in part with money from Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Guitar Notes from Around the World

Four guitar concerts exploring music from around the world were presented in conjunction with the Minnesota Guitar Society.

The Grand Tour
Phillip Rukavina, lutenist, played a solo concert of Italian Renaissance and Baroque music. (Program, November 2010, Central)

Swing that Music
Reuben Ristrom on guitar and banjo, Dale Mendenhall on saxophone and clarinet, and Tom Lewis on bass performed a program of classic traditional and swing-era jazz. (Program, November 2010, Highland Park)

Tribute to Andrés Segovia
Classical guitarist Kristian Anderson performed an homage to one of the 20th century’s most influential musicians. The concert featured Segovia’s favorite composers, including Fernando Sor, Isaac Albeniz, Manuel Ponce, Albert Roussel, and Francisco Tarrega. (Program, December 2010, Rondo)

Classical Music Inspired by Folk Tradition
Flutist Linda Chatterton and classical guitarist James Flegel performed folk music compositions from around the world. (Program, December 2010, Central)

Rhythm in my Soul

Three concerts featuring vibrant music and dance from Brazil, Argentina, and Spain.

Astor Piazzolla’s Vision of the Tango Nuevo
Mandragorá Tango performed the riveting music of Astor Piazzolla, Argentinean tango dancers demonstrated the magic and romance of live tango dancing, and Alberto Blanco narrated the Borges poem El Tango. (Program, November 2010, Central)

Hot Samba and Cool Bossa Nova
Pavel Jany and Ticket to Brazil performed Antonio Carlos Jobim’s Bossa Nova and Brazilian Samba. (Program, November 2010, Highland Park)

Flamenco Pure and Strong
Guitarist Michael Hauser and flamenco dancer Deborah Elias explored the beauty, history and cultural significance of Flamenco in this special evening of Flamenco. (Program, December 2010, Central)

Express Yourself Workshops for Kids

Kids aged 3 to 14 expressed themselves through writing, art, and drama at free workshops presented by Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Steppingstone Theatre, and authors and music experts on fun projects including bookmaking, beat boxing, story jars, and creative dramatics.

Story Jars
A writing workshop led by author Stephanie Watson. Get your writing ideas flowing and put them on paper! (Workshop, May 2011, Highland Park, Merriam Park)

Beat Boxing
Participants learned how transform voice into drums, trumpets, cymbals, and even violins and create their unique composition as a group. (Workshop, May 2011, West 7th)

Participants made an original accordion pocket folder book with a bookmaking artist from Minnesota Center for Book Arts. (Workshops, May 2011, West 7th, Hamline Midway)

3D Bookmaking
Participants created their own pop-up books with artists from Minnesota Center for the Book Arts. (Workshops, May & June 2011, Saint Anthony Park, Hamline Midway)

Creative Dramatics
Participants explored the world of author Eric Carle through reading, creative dramatics and an art project. (Workshops, May & June 2011, Saint Anthony Park, Highland Park, Merriam Park)

Cultural Exploration

Children in grades 3 through 6 learned about art and the world at East Side libraries through a series of free cultural art workshops taught by professional artists and sponsored by the Saint Paul Public Library and ArtStart. Participants learned the background behind Mexican, Indian, Chinese, West African, Brazilian, Japanese, or Cuban art traditions and the process of creating the art.

Folk Arts of Mexico-Basket Weaving 
Participants learned the art of backstrap weaving. (Workshop, January 2011, Sun Ray)

Batik from India
Kids learned about Indian culture and textile arts by creating colorful batik. (Workshop, January 2011, Dayton’s Bluff)

Carnival Costuming from Brazil 
Participants learned about the Brazilian Carnival tradition and create their own headdress, other costume elements, and a noisemaker, using a variety of glitzy materials. (Program, January 2011, Dayton’s Bluff)

Animals of China in Pen and Ink 
Participants learned the art and technique of Chinese ink and brush painting and created their own Japanese scroll. (Program, January 2011, Hayden Heights)

Mexican Folk Arts and Drawing 
Participants learned about the Oaxacan animal sculptures known as juegetes as related in the storybook The Dream Carver and drew their own Oaxacan “dream animal” using repeating patterns typical of the Oaxacan style. (Program, February 2011, Hayden Heights)

African Arts: From Weaving to Prints
Participants learned the meaning of traditional Adinkrh symbols and created their own stamps and printed their own pattern on cloth. (Workshop, January 2011, Arlington)

Windsocks from Japan
Participants created a windsock in the shape of a Carp, an important symbol in Japanese culture. (Workshop, February 2011, Arlington)
Cuban Cigar Box Art
Participants created their own personal treasure boxes by working with an artist to paint and decorate cigar boxes with collaged images, found objects, and words. (Workshop, February 2011, Rice Street)

Eco Fun For Kids at the Library

Children of various ages learn about the earth through a series of creative art workshops.

Raiders of the Lost Junk
Kids ages 9 to 13 indulged their curiosity by taking things apart and creating new stuff in this workshop presented by SteppingStone Theatre. (Workshop, April 2011, West 7th)
Animals, Acting, Art!  
Kids explored endangered animals through stories, art and creative dramatics in this program presented by SteppingStone Theatre. (Workshop, April 2011, West 7th)

Shake, Rattle and Roll
Kids ages 5 to 8 made musical instruments using discards, scraps, and other materials otherwise destined for the landfill at this programs presented by ArtStart. (Workshop, April 2011, Central Library)

Jewelry from Junk 
Kids ages 5 to 10 discovered ways to recycle and re-purpose shiny odds and ends to make jewelry in this program presented by ArtStart. (Workshop, April 2011, Riverview)

Larvae Love 
Kids ages 6 to 10 built habitats, explored nature, and made their own insects at this program presented by Leonardo’s Workshop. (Workshop, April 2011, Rondo)

East Side Story: History of a Saint Paul Neighborhood

This four-part series highlighted the history of Saint Paul’s East Side.

Branding the Hamm’s Brewery 
John DuFresne from the College of Visual Arts in Saint Paul used photographs, advertising images and entertaining stories to share the story of Saint Paul’s well-known East Side brewery. (Program, April 2011, Hayden Heights)

3M and St. Paul’s Eastside 
Local historian Steven C. Trimble provided insight into the early beginnings of 3M Company and its importance to the people of Saint Paul and Minnesota. (Program, May 2011, Sun Ray)

The Industrial Muscle of the City: St. Paul’s Eastside 
Historian Steve Trimble explored St. Paul’s East Side and its legacy as the industrial muscle of the city in the 1940s and 1950s. (Program, May 14, Dayton’s Bluff)

St. Paul’s Significant Buildings of the Territorial and Civil War Era 
St. Paul’s House Detective Jim Sazevich shared what Saint Paul looked like just before and during the Civil War, including the major buildings, neighborhoods, where Saint Paul residents shopped, worked, attended school and worshiped, as well as were they were buried. (Program, June 2011, Central)

Black History Month

Saint Paul Public Library hosted several events in February 2011 to celebrate Black History Month.

Dr. King’s Dream
Presented by Mixed Blood Theatre. (Program, February 2011, Dayton’s Bluff)
Moving the Dream Forward
T. Mychael Rambo’s performance included poetry, musicians, and song celebrating the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. (Program, February, Central)

Adrift on the Mississippi
In this History Theatre presentation, playwright Brian Grandison guided a discussion on the story of Rev. Robert Hickman who led a group of slaves out of Missouri, up the river on a raft in search of freedom. (Program, February 2011, Rondo)

The Work of J. California Cooper
A panel of local writers and experts offered a discussion and a dramatic reading of the work of J. California Cooper, who authored 17 plays, and was named Black Playwright of the Year in 1978. Presented by The Friends of the St. Paul Public Library and the Givens Foundation. (Program, February 2011, Rondo)

Ordway Extras at Saint Paul Public Library

Ordway Extras featured a mix of lively interviews, discussions, and musical performances and presented a free, behind-the-scenes look at Ordway performances.
Beijing Dance
This program discussed Beijing dance and the choreography of modern dance in China. (Program, March 2011, Central)

TU Dance
Choreographer and artistic director, Uri Sands demonstrated the artistic process and inspiration for choreography of his newly commissioned work that focuses on the work of African American artist Ernie Barnes. (Program, April 2011, Central)

Guys and Dolls
Some of the Twin Cities greatest comedy musical comedy talents performed the work of Guys and Dolls’ creator Frank Loesser — the master of American Musical Theatre. (Program, May 2011, Central)

Jazz at the Library - Twin Cities Jazz Festival Extras

Saint Paul Public Library presented three great Twin Cities Jazz Festival Extras.

Debbie Duncan — A Twin Cities Jazz Festival Extra 
This Twins Cities Jazz Festival performance featured Debbie Duncan for a fabulous evening of jazz at Rondo Library. (Program, June 2011, Rondo)

Generations of Jazz! — A Twin Cities Jazz Festival Extra
Twin Cities jazz legends Dave Karr, Irv Williams and Kenny Horst presented a special concert celebrating of their 200+ years of collective jazz experience. (Program, June 2011, Central)

Café Jazz — A Twin Cities Jazz Festival Extra
Twin Cities vocalist Rhonda Laurie joined Twin Cities jazz heavyweights (guitarist Reynold Philipsek, violinist Gary Schulte and bassist Jeff Brueske), for a delightful evening of Gypsy jazz, hot club swing and tunes from her 2011 self titled CD debut. (Program, June 2011, Hayden Heights).

Author Phil Hoose

Author Phil Hoose presented three programs at Saint Paul Public Library. He discussed his National Book Award winner, Claudette Colvin: Twice Toward Justice, and The Race to Save the Lord God Bird. (Program, April 2011, Central, Merriam, Rondo)

Dracula Fest 2010

Folkdance from the Land of Dracula
From the Carpathian Mountains and Transylvanian Alps, the Izvorasul Dance Ensemble portrayed Romanian culture through music and dance. (Program, October 2010, Highland)

Count Dracula: The Myth and the Reality
Participants learned about who the real Dracula was, where and when he lived, and how he became a legend and, finally, a cultural phenomenon. Art and crafts from the Romanian culture also were on display. (Program, October 2010, Central)

Ghost Encounters

The “Ghost Encounters” series featured ghost whisperers, storytellers, ghost busters and ghost hunters presenting true accounts of their encounters with real ghosts.

Ghost Whisperer and Storyteller Duke Addicks
Addicks shared true ghost stories selected from the hundreds of hauntings by American Indians, explorers, fur traders, pioneers and the recently deceased that he has investigated, and also shared stories about his own encounters with ghosts. (Programs, October 2010, Hamline & Dayton’s Bluff)

Ghosts 101 with Carol Lowell
Carol Lowell, who has worked with ghosts and spirits for more than 20 years helping them to cross over or simply listening to their story, shared her stories of encounters with real ghosts. (Programs, October 2010, Riverview & Rice Street)

Victorian Ghost Stories 
Costumed actors presented dramatic readings of 19th century ghost stories. (Program, October 2010, Hayden Heights)

The Nearly Departed
Veteran ghost hunter Michael Norman discussed Minnesota ghost stories and eeriness — just in time for Halloween. (Program, October 2010, Central)

Programs coordinated by MELSA held at Saint Paul Public Library locations

Club Book
Club Book brings bestselling and award-winning national and regional authors to library communities throughout the seven-county metropolitan region.

MacPhail Center for Music
Sing! Play! Learn!: educational music programming for children birth-6 and their caregivers.

Live @ the Library
An all-ages performance series of music, dance and theater.