Join us for our second year of performing arts programs for preschoolers! Children will have an opportunity to see artists and performance styles from a variety of backgrounds showing them that the arts are diverse and available to everyone. All performances are free and take place in May.

West 7th (Mondays)

  • M3C Cambodian Dance: May 8 – 4:00
  • Siama Matuzungidi: May 15 – 4:00
  • Stories Sing! Opera Storytime: May 22 – 4:00

Merriam Park (Tuesdays)

  • Afoutayi Haitian Dance: May 2 – 10:30
  • Children’s Stories from India: May 9 – 10:30
  • Stories Sing! Opera Storytime: May 16 – 10:30

Hamline Midway (Tuesdays)

  • M3C Cambodian Dance: May 9 – 10:30
  • Afoutayi Haitian Dance: May 16 – 10:30
  • Pinocchio-chan Kabuki Performance: May 23 – 10:30

Rondo (Wednesdays)

  • Children’s Stories from India: May 3 – 6:00
  • Somali Museum Dance Troupe: May 10 – 6:00
  • Siama Matuzungidi: May 17 – 6:00

Sun Ray (Wednesdays)

  • Dance Together: May 10 – 6:00 *registration required*
  • Children’s Stories from India: May 17 – 6:00
  • Somali Museum Dance Troupe: May 24 – 6:00

Central Youth Services (Saturdays)

  • Afoutayi Haitian Dance: May 6 – 11:15
  • Pinocchio-chan Kabuki Performance: May 13 – 11:15
  • Somali Museum Dance Troupe: May 20 – 11:15

Hayden Heights (Saturdays)

  • Somali Museum Dance Troupe: May 6 – 1:30 - CANCELED
  • Stories Sing! Opera Storytime: May 13 – 1:30
  • M3C Cambodian Dance: May 20 – 1:30 - CANCELED

Afoutayi Haitian Dance

Afoutayi present authentic Haitian drumming, storytelling and dance with traditional instruments and traditional Haitian clothing. Thrilling drums, captivating dance, and narrative Haitian folklore teach students history of Tanbou Haitian drum, along with simple words in the Creole and French languages.

Pinocchio-chan Kabuki Performance- Green T Productions

Pinocchio-chan is an original kabuki stage adaptation based on Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio. Set in a fantastical Japanese village, the play uses traditional Japanese dance and music to tell the tale of the puppet that wanted to become a real boy.

M3C Cambodian Dance

The Minnesota Cambodian Communities Council offers traditional Cambodian dance performances that are engaging for all ages. The dancers strive to preserve the ancient, deeply-rooted, and rich Khmer/Cambodian culture, heritage, and traditions through arts and education as shown in their performances.

Stories Sing! - MN Opera

Watch as a professional opera singer gives a new perspective on reading as Minnesota Opera presents an innovative program bridging traditional storytelling and music. In Stories Sing! a teaching artist will use songs and tools from the stage to enhance, inspire, and help children engage in reading. Children and families will have a chance to sing along during this interactive hour as a book comes to life through the power of opera.

Dance Together - Young Dance

Dance Together is for children from birth to kindergarten, and a caregiver. Discover the joy of movement with music, stories, and games that inspire creative expression. Participant limit is 15 children, please register for this program in advance.

Children’s Stories from India - Dreamland Arts

In this all-ages program, Zaraawar Mistry performs classic animal fables from the Panchatantra stories of India. The popular and entertaining tales encourage children to learn about Indian culture, wildlife, food, and music. Greg Herriges provides musical accompaniment on the guitar, bouzouki (Greek lute) and zither.

Siama Matuzungidi

This interactive performance for very young audiences is a rhythmic musical journey through the Democratic Republic of Congo, the dance floors of East Africa, and beyond. As Siama and his partner Dallas Johnson play and sing Siama’s feel-good music, they encourage everyone to dance, practice saying “hello” in many languages, play fun, handheld percussion instruments, and sing simple words in Kikongo, Swahili, and Lingala. Kids can even try their hand at singing into the microphone!

Somali Museum Dance Troupe

The Somali Museum Dance Troupe is the Twin Cities’ premier Somali folk dance ensemble. Comprised of young adults currently in high school and college, the Dance Troupe studies and performs classic dances from all regions of Somalia, and serve as ambassadors of Somalia’s rich cultural heritage. They are sure to delight audiences of all backgrounds and all ages—enjoy their stunning choreography, then try your hand (or feet!) at learning some steps of Somali nomadic dance.

This series was made possible by funding from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.