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Legacy Amendment Programs 2012-13

The Saint Paul Public Library presents an array of arts, cultural, literary, and Minnesota history programs in collaboration with arts and cultural organizations, independent artists, historical societies, and community organizations. Programs are funded in part with money from the Minnesota Legacy Amendment Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.


This series presented opportunities for kids in grades three to six to get creative and build!

Mosaic Marvels
Learn about ancient Roman tiling and make your own mosaics out of paper and seeds. (August 2012 - Dayton's Bluff, Hayden Heights)

Pasta Bridges
Learn how to build the strongest bridge you can (and then see how much weight it can hold before it breaks)! (August 2012 - Dayton's Bluff, Hayden Heights)

Build your own marshmallow-flinging catapult using real tools-hammers, drills, and saws. (August 2012 - Rice Street)

Learn about what architects and civil engineers do, as you explore structure, scale, and design, and then create your own wood model. (August 2012 - Sun Ray, Arlington Hills)

Castles in the Sky
Learn about castles and make your own, fit for a king or queen! (August 2012 - Rice Street, Sun Ray)

Inventor's Workshop
Follow in the footsteps of the great inventors and create your own invention using fun and unusual items. (August 2012 - Arlington Hills)

Clay and Tell

Collaborative storytelling with clay! Artist Maureen Carlson will lead participants on an adventure where everyone works together to tell a story. As the story unfolds, Maureen will create the main character out of clay (with group guidance, of course!). What color hair will it have? What does it like to eat? The answer will be different every time! Don't miss this fun winter break activity! For kids in grades one to six. (December 2012 - Hayden Heights, Arlington Hills, Dayton's Bluff, Sun Ray, Rice Street, Hamline Midway, Merriam Park, Saint Anthony Park; January 2012 - West 7th, Rondo, Central, Riverview, Highland Park)


Get a bird’s eye view of library and the city!  Use a camera attached to a bunch of balloons to take pics from the air. Choose a picture to print out and take home. (October 2012 - Rondo, Rice Street, Hayden Heights)

Get A Move On

Kids got their moves on at the library.

African Dance
(September and October 2012 - Saint Anthony Park)

Capoeira for Kids
(September 2012 - Hamline Midway)

Make-a-Mat Yoga Workshop
(September 2012 - Merriam Park)

Creative Movement
(September and October 2012 - Hamline Midway)

Movement Exploration
(October 2012 - Highland Park)

Irish Dance
(October 2012 - Merriam Park)

Global Passport

The Global Passport series provided free cultural activities for kids.

Japanese Kites
(January 2013 - West 7th)

Open Sesame!
(January 2013 - Merriam Park)

Caribbean Shell Frame Art
(January 2013 - Highland Park)

Yup'ik Masks
(January 2013 - Sun Ray)

Afro-Brazilian Percussion and Rhythm
(January 2013 - Rice Street)

Acting Out Kindness
(January 2013 - Rondo)

Metal Work - Milagros
(February 2013 - Riverview)

Fairytales from Around the World
(February 2013 - Rondo)

African Gris Gris Pouches
(February 2013 - Merriam Park)

African Drumming and Dance
(February 2014 - Central)

Sand Painting
(February 2013 - Hayden Heights)

I ART Families

Celebrate the many forms that families take! Make art that celebrates family with the guidance of professional artists from Rage 2 Order. You'll take some art home with you and also contribute to a shared art piece that will be displayed at the Minnesota Museum of American Art (MMAA) Project Space at the end of the series.

Each event's art activity will relate to a different Rainbow Rumpus book. During each event, the author will read from his or her book, and you'll get a free copy of the book to take home with you. (March 2013 - Merriam Park, Highland Park, Hayden Heights)

In the Dark

Rocket Building
Build rockets with us. That's right, rockets! In the library! (July 2012 - Dayton's Bluff)

Night Photography
Learn how to capture great night photos and take a photo walk of downtown St. Paul. (July 2012 - Central)

LED Graffiti
Using LEDs and long exposure photography, take photographs of yourself painting with light! (July 2012 - Rice Street, Arlington Hills, Rondo)

Star Wars Party
Join us for games, costumes, and snacks! (July 2012 - Rondo)

LED Dioramas

Teens, work with artist Asia Ward to build miniature landscapes or action scenes using layers of paper, light, and shadow. Deconstruct a solar powered lamp to provide the parts needed to create the light for your diorama. Keep what you make! (May 2013 - Rondo, Arlington Hills, Rice Street)

Read Brave

What if we all read the same book at the same time? A book that discusses important topics like bullying, war, and family? Let's do it! Pick up Everybody Sees the Ants by A.S. King at your nearest library.

Lady Gaga's Born Brave Bus
Read and respond to Everybody Sees the Ants to get on board! (February 2013)

A.S. King Skype Visit
Before her in-person visit, A.S. King did a Skype visit with readers. (February 2013 - Hamline Midway)

Meet A.S. King
(February 2013 - Merriam Park)

Writing Workshop with A.S. King
Writing workshop for 9th-12th graders. (February 2013 - Rice Street)

Meet Jay Asher, author of Th1rteen R3asons Why
(February 2013)

Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation, Addendum Books, and MELSA were partners in this series.


Interactive Mystery
The Red Ribbon Society presents an interactive steampunk mystery. Players will read the daily paper for information, move through sets, gather clues, and interview characters to solve the mystery. Players are welcome to come in costume or as themselves. (October 2012 - Saint Anthony Park)

Steampunk Art Workshops
Get creative with Leonardo's Basement. We'll create unique steampunk jewelry, sculptures, and objects. (October 2012 - Rondo, Hayden Heights; November 2012 - Merriam Park)

Tiny Top Hats
Design and decorate your own Steampunk tiny top hat! Materials provided. (October 2012 - Highland Park, Dayton's Bluff)

Bad September
Enjoy an afternoon of retro-futurist art rock with local Steampunk band Bad September. (October 2012 - Central)

Take the Mic

This series was all about teens and music.

Rice Park Takes the Mic
Visit Rice Park for an afternoon of live music! Local bands Teen Power and Whistle Kid performed alongside professional musician Alicia Steele. (September 2012)

Master the Mic: Songwriting
Join Saint Paul singer/songwriter Sasha Mercedes for an interactive music performance. Bring your own writing, and Sasha will help you transform it into a song with just a few chords. (September 2012 - Arlington Hills)

Master the Mic: Recording & Editing
Experiment with a free music recording and mixing program, as well as one that will help you create loops and beats. Equipment provided, including a microphone and mixing board. (September 2012 - Rondo)

Toy Modification with Beatrix*JAR

Want to create one-of-a-kind sounds? Join sound art duo Beatrix*JAR for a hands-on toy modification workshop! Participants will learn to turn battery powered toys into musical instruments through a process called circuit bending. Unleash sounds the manufacturer never intended from devices like children's toys and keyboards! You'll leave with an instrument the world has never seen before. Workshops are intended for youth ages 12 and up. (November 2012- Rondo, Arlington Hills, Rice Street, Sun Ray)


Laugh your way through four of the worst science fiction B-movies ever inflicted upon the world. Help provide a running commentary of wisecracks and well-timed witticisms.

The Creeping Terror
(September 2012 - Rondo)

The Deadly Mantis
(September 2012 - Hayden Heights)

The Giant Claw
(September 2012 - Sun Ray) 

The Green Slime
(October 2012 - Highland Park)