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The Wonderful World of Book Dominoes!



On March 17th, 2014, a Guinness World Record for the largest book domino chain was set by a group of students and staff at the Czestochowa School of Economics in Poland. Together, they built a domino chain made of 4,998 books. They were able to break the previous record owner's domino chain of 4,845 books, which took place in Antwerp, Belgium in November 2013. Although we don't know how much effort it took for the Czestochowa students to set up their book dominoes, we do know that it took 40 volunteers and two hours to set up the Antwerp book domino chain. 

What do you think? Should the St. Paul Public Library be next to break the world record for the longest book domino chain? If you're interested, let your librarians know and maybe we can make it happen!

Check out the Antwerp book dominoes (completed with fireworks at the end!) down below:



P.S. Speaking of dominoes...How about human mattress dominoes? It took 10 minutes for 1001 human mattress to fall!



-- Gao