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Special Collections

Auto Repair
Repair manuals, shop manuals, and online resources for repairing cars and trucks. -- Hayden Heights

Black Culture and History Collection
Materials about and related to African and African American history and culture. -- Rondo

Bungalow Collection
Bungalow homes and the Arts & Crafts movement -- Merriam Park

Deaf and Hard of Hearing Collection
Materials about American Sign Language, hearing loss, coping strategies, and Deaf Heritage. -- Merriam Park

F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading Alcove
Celebrating Fitzgerald's beginings in Saint Paul and advancing appreciation of his literary contributions. -- Central Library

Government Documents
U.S. and Minnesota government information, in print and online. -- Central Library

Immigrant and Refugee Battered Women's Task Force (IBWT) Collection
A collection of materials selected to support the critical needs of battered women. -- Rondo

Miller Song Index
Index to sheet music in the Central Library's collection, including individual pieces, sheet music collected in books, sheet music printed in magazines, and the contents of the library's collection of "fake books."  -- Central Library

Minnesota Book Award Collection
Titles that have won the Minnesota Book Award, 1988- present. -- Central Library

Saint Paul Collection
Local history documents, reports, scrapbooks, maps, and more. -- Central Library

Severson Collection
World War I aviation collection, donated by Don Severson. -- Central Library

Small Business Partnership Project
Business plan examples, demographics information, financial rations, and how-to manuals for entrepreneurs and small business owners. -- Rondo