Fitzgerald Bibliography

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Major Writings

All the Sad Young Men - 1926
Fitzgerald's most popular collection of short stories at the time of its release, this collection contains "Winter Dreams," a story Fitzgerald described as a first draft of the Gatsby idea, "Absolution," and "The Rich Boy," the most popular of the stories in the collection.

The Beautiful and Damned - 1922
Fitzgerald's second novel is the story of ambitious Anthony Patch and his beautiful wife Gloria and the destruction of their lives as they fall under the influence of alcohol and greed amidst the New York nightlife.

Flappers and Philosophers - 1921
Issued shortly after the publication of his first novel, this collection of short stories contains many of his most famous, including "The Ice Palace", "Bernice Bobs Her Hair", and "The Off-Shore Pirate."

The Great Gatsby - 1925
Fitzgerald's most famous novel is considered by many to be his best. Capturing the spirit of the Twenties, it tells the story of the rise and fall of self-made millionaire Jay Gatsby.

Last Tycoon - 1941
Fitzgerald hoped that this story of Hollywood moguls, unfinished at the time of his death, would restore his critical reputation. Versions vary by editor, but some critics argue it would have been Fitzgerald's best work when completed.

Pat Hobby Stories - 1940
Satirically humorous stories written about Pat Hobby, an unsuccessful screenwriter, that draw upon Fitzgerald's experiences in Hollywood.

Tales of the Jazz Age - 1922
Although not his strongest collection of short stories, it does contain "The Diamond as Big as the Ritz" and "May Day."

Taps at Reveille - 1935
Considered to be outdated at the time of its release, this collection of short stories includes "Babylon Revisited" and other finely crafted stories.

Tender Is the Night - 1933
Not well received at the time it was first issued, this story of the demise of a brilliant psychiatrist, Dick Diver, and Nicole, who is both his wife and patient, is now considered to be one of his best novels.

This Side of Paradise - 1920
Fitzgerald's breakout novel, and a classic of American literature, This Side of Paradise follows the formative years of Amory Blaine, his days at Princeton, and his entry into WWI.

Fitzgerald & St. Paul

The St. Paul Stories Of F. Scott Fitzgerald edited by Patricia Hampl and Dave Page.
An illuminating compendium of 13 Fitzgerald short stories featuring either a St. Paul connection or setting.

A Guide To F. Scott Fitzgerald's St. Paul by John J. Koblas
This handy pocket guide provides most everything you need to know to engage a thorough tour of Fitzgerald's St. Paul haunts and homes.


Beloved Infidel: The Education of a Woman by Sheilah Graham and Gerold Frank
Hollywood columnist Graham writes of her early career and her four-year love affair with F. Scott Fitzgerald, who died in her arms.

The Crack-Up by F. Scott Fitzgerald, edited by Edmund Wilson
An autobiographical collection of essays and letters compiled shortly after Fitzgerald's death, The Crack-Up chronicles F. Scott's journey from a life of fame and glamour to one of despondency and loneliness.

F. Scott Fitzgerald by Ruth Prigozy
An accessible, short introduction to the life of F. Scott Fitzgerald that is illustrated with over one hundred photographs of Fitzgerald, his family, friends, and with scenes from movies based on his works.

Some Sort of Epic Grandeur: The Life of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Matthew J. Bruccoli ; with a genealogical afterword by Scottie Fitzgerald Smith
This revised second edition will likely remain the definitive biography of F. Scott Fitzgerald for some time to come.


Ashes to Ashes: Mourning and Social Difference In F. Scott Fitzgerald's Fiction by Jonathan Schiff
Schiff looks at the effect of the death of Fitzgerald's two older sisters on his writing.

The Cambridge Companion to F. Scott Fitzgerald edited by Ruth Prigozy
Commissioned essays written by major scholars examine Fitzgerald's entire career and the social and cultural era in which he wrote.

The Composition of Tender Is the Night: A Study of the Manuscripts by Matthew Joseph Bruccoli
An in-depth textual analysis of the novel written by noted Fitzgerald expert Bruccoli.

Crazy Sundays: F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood by Aaron Latham
Latham's research was the among the first to explore Fitzgerald's Hollywood years. Focusing primarily on both filmed and unfilmed scripts, Crazy Sundays is a combination of biography, criticism and Hollywood legend.

F. Scott Fitzgerald in the Twenty-First Century edited by Jackson R. Bryer, Ruth Prigozy, and Milton R. Stern
These studies include essays on Fitzgerald's view of women, youth culture, and references to Fitzgerald in comic strips, particularly Peanuts.

F. Scott Fitzgerald on Authorship by F. Scott Fitzgerald, edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli, with Judith S. Baughman
Fitzgerald's views on writing in general, his own works, and the writing of other authors.

F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom
Recent criticism on The Great Gatsby is presented along with a chronology of Fitzgerald's life and works.

Fiction, Film and F. Scott Fitzgerald by Gene D. Phillips
Phillips takes a look at film adaptations of Fitzgerald's literary work, and attempts to measure their authenticity and accuracy. He also examines individual films and casts. (Includes photographs and a filmography.)

Fitzgerald/Hemingway Annual, 1969-1979
Covering both Fitzgerald and Hemingway, these annuals contain criticisms, biographical reminiscences, and short, previously unpublished writings by both authors.

Fitzgerald's Craft of Short Fiction: The Collected Stories 1920 -1935 by Alice Hall Petry
Each of Fitzgerald's collections of short stories published during his lifetime is analyzed in terms of his life and underlying themes.

French Connections: Hemingway and Fitzgerald Abroad edited by J. Gerald Kennedy and Jackson R. Bryer
A series of essays explores the influence that Fitzgerald and Hemingway had on each other's lives and works.

The Great Gatsby: The Limits of Wonder by Richard Lehan
Lehan considers The Great Gatsby one of the greatest of American novels. The Limits of Wonder explores the style and symbolism of Fitzgerald's work, and attempts a comprehensive portrayal of its significance as a cultural product of the 1920's.

Illusions of a Nation: Myth and History in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald by John F. Callahan
Callahan's interdisciplinary study compares American history and myth to their representations in Fitzgerald's novels.

Image Patterns in the Novels of F. Scott Fitzgerald by Dan Seiters
Basing his study on Fitzgerald's imagery, Seiters shows how and why Fitzgerald developed as an artist.

I'm Sorry About the Clock: Chronology, Composition, and Narrative Technique in The Great Gatbsy by Thomas A. Pendleton
An early examination of specific issues in Fitzgerald's works. Pendleton looks at inconsistencies and contradictions in the chronology of The Great Gatsby.

The International Theme in F. Scott Fitzgerald's Literature by Elizabeth A. Weston
European culture and experiences in Europe influenced Fitzgerald's writing. Tender Is the Night as well as short stories are examined.

"The Last of the Novelists": F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Last Tycoon by Matthew J. Bruccoli
Noted Fitzgerald scholar Bruccoli argues that The Last Tycoon was a work in progress, contradicting the assessment and editing of Fitzgerald's friend Edmund Wilson.

The Making of This Side of Paradise by James L.W. West III
West believes that bungled editing kept This Side of Paradise from being considered a truly great novel and also lowered Fitzgerald's concept of himself.

New Essays on F. Scott Fitzgerald's Neglected Stories edited with an introduction by Jackson R. Bryer
Twenty different short stories are discussed as well as three groups of related stories.

New Essays on The Great Gatsby edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli
A useful introductory critical guide to the Great Gatsby, featuring historical information and multiple essays.

Twentieth Century Interpretations of The Great Gatsby: A Collection of Critical Essays edited by Ernest H. Lockridge
Multiple views of the Great Gatsby, from a well-respected series of literary criticism.

Understanding The Great Gatsby: A Student Casebook to Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents by Dalton Gross and MaryJean Gross
Including a wide variety of primary documents that illuminate the era, Dalton discusses the skill of Fitzgerald's writings and the personal experiences that entered into The Great Gatsby.

Zelda Fitzgerald

The Collected Writings of Zelda Fitzgerald edited by Matthew J. Bruccoli
A comprehensive collection of Zelda's writings. Fitzgerald is known to have borrowed from Zelda's writings.

Zelda Fitzgerald: Her Voice in Paradise by Sally Cline
This controversial portrait of Zelda reveals a serious artist, talented dancer, and a witty writer. Cline explores the destructive relationship between Zelda and Scott.