Saint Paul Collection

The collection includes:

  • Biography Clippings File
  • City Directories
  • Newspapers on Microfilm
  • City documents, including charter, code, laws, and ordinances
  • City Council proceedings
  • City budgets and annual reports
  • Reports from the Schools and Libraries
  • Police and Fire Department reports and histories
  • Visitor's Guides to Saint Paul and the region
  • Biographies of famous Saint Paul residents
  • Winter Carnival scrapbooks
  • High School Yearbooks
  • Maps and atlases
  • Other materials related to Saint Paul history


  • The Saint Paul Collection room at the George Latimer Central Library is open to the public by appointment, 10:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Tuesday through Saturday.
  • To schedule an appointment please call 651-266-7000 or email, 48 hours in advance.
  • At other times, staff can retrieve most items from the collection for use in the Nicholson Information Commons.
  • Camera Policy

Digital Collections

Saint Paul Public Library Collections on Minnesota Reflections
Digitized images of maps and documents about the history of Saint Paul.

Saint Paul Public Library Digital Collections
Digitized items from the collection, including Winter Carnival scrapbooks.

Saint Paul City Directories
City directories, 1856-1922.

Saint Paul History

Mayors of Saint Paul
Information about each mayor of Saint Paul, including term, party, birth and death information, and more.

Street Directory (1976) (PDF; 156 MB)
Streets and descriptive notes on locations. Includes former street names.

Saint Paul History Index
Index to newspaper clippings available on microfilm aperture cards at the George Latimer Central Library. Articles cover the 1920s to the 1970s. Entries reference card number on which the article can be found.

Directories of Historical Buildings

Churches (PDF; 21 MB)
Alphabetical list of churches. Compiled from city directories, 1856-1976.

Churches - Street Listing - (PDF; 17 MB)
Street listing of churches in Saint Paul. Compiled from city directories, 1856-1976.

Hotels (PDF; 184 MB)
Alphabetical and street listings of hotels. Compiled from city directories, 1856-1972, and other sources.

Schools and Colleges (PDF; 48 MB)
Public, parochial, private, and vocational schools, including day nurseries and day care centers. Compiled from city directories, 1856 - 1978, and other sources. Includes an alphabetical listing, a classified listing, and street listings.

Theaters (PDF; 5 MB)
Theaters, halls, etc. listed by name and by street. 1856-1975.

Maps and Atlases

1891 - 1896 Atlas of Saint Paul, 1891 - 1896
Highly detailed plat book of Saint Paul. Published in 1891 and revised with pencil marks and cut-outs through 1896. The atlas is divided into 4 volumes, detailing different parts of the City and the surrounding area.

1925 - 1927 Aerial Photographic Atlas
Aerial photographs of Saint Paul taken between 1925 and 1927 and a corresponding atlas of streets and other features of the city.

Maps of Saint Paul, Ramsey County, and Minnesota
A list of maps held at the George Latimer Central Library.

Library History

Central Library Construction
Photographs of the construction of the Central Library and James J. Hill Library, 1914-1917. Besides the library, photographs are rich in other details of the late 1910's.

Library Beacon
"The Library Beacon" was published under the direction of Webster Wheelock, Library Director, "to give the people of St. Paul information about their Library -- what it is doing, what it hopes to do, and the many ways it serves individuals, different interests, groups and different activities." Published 1929-1936.