City Directories

Saint Paul City Directories, 1856 - 1922 are available online.

Saint Paul city directories are available on microfiche (1856-1859), microfilm (1863-1935), and in print (1938-present) at the George Latimer Central Library.

Minneapolis directories from 1907 to the present are also available at the George Latimer Central Library, as are some suburban directories from 1956 to 1991.

Photocopying of print directories is not allowed.

Copies can be made from microfiche and microfilm (25 cents per page).

From 1856-1925, directories generally included:

  • City and County officials.
  • Schools, churches, hotels, fraternal organizations and societies.
  • Advertisements, including an index to advertisers.
  • An alphabetical list of residents and businesses with street name (no house numbers), and occupation of residents or type of business.

1866 - residents and businesses were listed by wards (for that year only)

1869 - a listing of Chicago area businesses was included. A schedule of stamps and duties for liquors, tobacco, coffee, etc., was also printed

1879 - a street name index was included, with "to" and "from" information

1885 - addresses became more specific, and included house numbers

1895 - a "Progress of the City" report was provided

1929 - a dotted circle symbol was introduced to indicate homeowner. Wives' names were added after the husband's name. The street index was printed on pink paper. A separate index to South St. Paul streets (also pink) was added, although South St. Paul residents were included in the white pages of the St. Paul general listings

1933 - all adults in the household were listed.

1940 - a bell symbol was added to indicate a telephone, although no phone number was given.

1948 - the South St. Paul Street Directory was dropped.

1950 - alphabetical listings included suburbanites who worked in St. Paul.

1956 - the first South Suburban and North Suburban directories were published.

1961 - telephone numbers were added to the street index.

1964 - a separate telephone number section was added.