Wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) is available at all Saint Paul Public Library locations.

Wi-Fi access is available while the library is open.

Use of the Library's Wi-Fi network is governed by the Library's Internet Use Guidelines and Internet Policy.

To connect to the Library's Wi-Fi signal:

Choose the network named Library or Library Guest.

Open your web browser and click Agree to connect.


Wireless network users agree to abide by the Library's Internet Use Policy.

Library staff cannot disable the filter on non-library computers.

Library personnel are not able to help wireless network customers configure their laptop computers or other equipment. Everyone's computer is different; the Library cannot support customers' equipment configurations. The Library cannot be responsible for any changes customers make to their equipment.

Your information is not protected while using the wireless network. Keep this in mind when accessing sensitive or personal information.

A fully charged battery is recommended. Public electric outlets may not always be available. Customers may not string electrical cords across areas where people may be walking.

Customers may not plug equipment into the Library's computer network or computer equipment. Customers may not unplug the Library's equipment for any reason.

Use of webcams are subject to the photography and videography policy that governs all audio and visual recording in the Library.

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