July 3 and 4: All libraries will be closed.

July 5: Dayton's Bluff Library will be closed. All other locations with regular Sunday hours will be open.

Small Business Resource Center

The Small Business Resource Center at the Rondo Community Outreach Library provides print, online and in-person assistance to patrons.


Free workshops offered by the Neighborhood Development Center.


  • Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios - comparative financial data benchmarks and trends for 192 industries
  • Business Plan Pro - sample business plans and business plan formats
  • Demographics Now - demographic information and thematic maps to analyze customer bases and spending potentials
  • NAICS/SIC database - identifies the NAICS and SIC numbers for business
  • eStatement Studies: Financial Ratios Benchmarks - Risk Management Association (RMA) database of composite financial data of over 761 industries.
  • SRDS - an online market research tool that provides detailed reports and maps which inform about new markets, target audiences, their behaviors and lifestyles.
  • Small business websites

About the Small Business Partnership Project

The business center at the Rondo library is generously supported by the St. Paul Travelers Foundation.