What to Bring

In order to receive this free tax service, the following is required:

  • Valid, Current Photo ID-MN state drivers license or state ID or current passport.
  • A Social Security or an ITIN card and the date of birth for all taxpayers and dependents listed on the return. SOCIAL SECURITY FORMS SSA-1099 MAY NO LONGER BE VALID FOR VERIFYING SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER.
  • Tax documents and records of all income including W-2s, unemployment insurance benefits,bank or mutual fund interest, pension or other retirement plan payments, tips, and investment income.
  • Forms of all governmental assistance and payments-Social Security, SSDI, and Supplemental Security Income
  • Statement of Property Tax Payable in 2017 (when available) or Certificate of Rent Paid (CRP)
  • If itemizing, include statement of property tax paid in 2016, mortgage interest statement,and all organized documentation on education loan interest, medical and education expenses,charity contributions and expense related documents.
  • All documents demonstrating health care coverage or exemption, under the Affordable Care Act:
    • Documentation proving health care coverage for you, your spouse and all your dependents
    • Information indicating which months of the year that you and all household dependents were covered with medical insurance.
    • Form 1095-A if you purchased insurance through the Marketplace/Exchange (MNsure)
    • Documentation of a Health Care Exemption received from the IRS or the Marketplace/Exchange (MNsure)

All returns will be electronically filed.
All tax assistance is provided by AARP volunteers.