Equipment & Software

Equipment and Software available in the Innovations Lab

Innovation Lab members have access to equipment and software available in the Lab. Find out about more about free membership.

Materials Costs

Digitization workstation in the Innovation LabDigitization

DVD/VCR recorder combo

Video Capture adapter

Roxio Easy VHS to DVD and Cassette/LP to MP3 software

Blank CDs and DVDs available for purchase



Cutting workstation in the Innovation LabCutting

Silhouette Cameo 3 cutter

Sketch pens

Vinyl, cardstock, transfer sheet



Laser workstation in the Innovation LabLaser

Universal VLS 3.50 50W laser

Fume exhaust filtration system

Engraving table

Cutting table

Rotary fixture

Supplies for sale


3D printing workstation in the Innovation Lab3D Printing

Afinia H800 3D printer

ABS & PLA filament, various colors

1 Copper-infused PLA roll

Various tools


Tech suite in the Innovation LabTech Suite

16 Skype-enabled Thinkpads

1 MacBook

9 Adobe Creative Cloud licenses

20 Sony headphones

1 Canon EOS 70D DLSR camera


Sewing workstation in the Innovation LabSewing

1 Brother PC420 PRW computerized sewing machine

4 Singer machines

Patterns, fabric, and notions

Jewlery supplies


Yarn crafts at the Innovation LabYarn Crafts

Crochet hooks

Knitting needles

Yarn of various types and colors



Recording studio at the Innovation LabRecording Studio

Editing suite with isolation booth

iMac with GarageBand and ProTools 12

Yeti and AKG microphones

Studio headphones

Focusrite Scarlett audio interface

MIDI keyboard

Moog synthesizer

Classroom at the Innovation LabClassroom

Space for orientations, workshops, online learning, training, and events.

2 private study rooms

Materials Pricing for the Innovation Lab

For laser supplies: You don't have to use a whole sheet and will only be charged for what you use.

Thick Wood

  • Variety of pieces including maple, walnut: $5 each


  • Basswood: $6.00/sheet
  • Plywood: $3.00/piece
  • 12" x 24" plywood sheets: $6.00/sheet


  • $15.00/12" x 24"

DVDs & CDs

  • $0.25 each

Earring Posts

  • $0.25 each

Adhesive Magnetic Strips

  • $0.10/inch

Vinyl Sticker Sheets

  • $1.00/12" x 12" sheet

3D Printing

  • $2.00/hour